Thomas Rotterdam & Staff

Personal Trainers at a hi-end New York City gym help people connect with their bodies and, in the process, discover themselves.

Thomas Rotterdam is an alpha dog doctor whose willingness to break the rules causes his medical career to be taken from him. He rebounds by opening the hottest fitness club in NYC.

BODIES OF WORK is run by Neyda Farris, a former UN worker who speaks four languages, who after 9 11 realized the only universal things are body and soul. She spars with Thomas and juggles her diverse staff with charisma, toughness, and grace yet struggles in her private life (she's a recovering alcoholic)

Bodies of Work Staff
The staff at BODIES OF WORK are pieces of work. Some love what they do (Holistic New Age masseuses, Adonis sexaholics) others pursue impossible dreams as actors, singers, and musicians. With so many passionate personalities, conflicts are always erupting

At BODIES OF WORK, New York's elite (and wanna-bes) mix. CEO's sweat next to supermodels, waiter/actors take (and teach) fitness classes with Oscar and Tony winners, and Wall Street wheelers box with uptown drug dealers (the diverse city itself is a central character).

People tell trainers things they don't tell their doctors, therapists, and spouses. It's intimate, and lines get crossed all the time.

Every Body Works Out Drama


Thomas Rotterdam: Thomas Rotterdam - He’s a doctor who’s lost his medical license and rebounds by opening a hot new fitness franchise in New York City. He’s tough, smart, driven, obsessed. He doesn’t suffer fools, and never reveals more than he wants to…


Neyda FarrisNeyda Farris - A former UN worker (Persian & Latina) - she speaks four languages and realizes after 9/11 the only universal things are body and soul. Women love her, men want to sleep with her. She grew up in the US and in London. Can kick your ass or make you feel like a king in the same two minute period. She’s the manager of the club. She juggles Thomas, staff, and clientele - while she struggles in her personal life (a recovering alcoholic).

Lora RamosLora Ramos - Pretty, warm, intelligent. She’s an ex-actress turned masseuse and personal trainer. She’s a healer; caring and strong. She wants to open her own spa, dated Thomas for two years, and is now married to Michael.

Michael VelaMichael Vela - An aspiring actor with way too much integrity. He has Brad Pitt syndrome (wants to be an artist, hates being recognized for his looks). He’s a trainer, and because of his recent marriage to Lora, is now involved in an awkward work triangle with his wife’s ex…

Ahmad TaylorAhmad Taylor - African-American poet/guitarist who hasn’t discovered his gifts. He has a troubled past, and is trying to act as surrogate Dad AND Mom to his nine year old sister Jordan. He straddles two worlds— is losing his footing in both.…

Arlene McClainArlene McClain - Pilates instructor by day, aspiring singer by night. She’s tough if you’re not real, tender if you are, doesn’t put up with anything from men. She is a recovering anorexic who masks her type Triple A perfectionism with humor.

Freddy NovaFreddy Nova - Thinks he’s a lady killer. Others have a different impression. He’s charming, irresponsible, and doesn’t know how confused he is. He’s an aspiring writer who “currently” personal trains and teaches core fitness and dance.

Monika GonzalezMonika Gonzalez - Is a sexy entertainment lawyer who goes after whatever she wants. Playful, higher-minded in her personal life, does whatever it takes in her professional life.


Sean RyanSean Ryan - He's 45-looks 35. “From QUEENSNEWYAWK!” He’s crab shell tough on the outside, soft inside. He hides his age because he’s worried that a youth-glorifying culture won’t value him (and let him keep his job as a trainer- which he loves). He’s street-smart, dyslexic (which has led to a lifetime of improvising and adapting)

JoAnn PortelloJoAnn Portello - Earthy, warm, vivacious. She’s involved with Freddy. She teaches group fitness and has a 6 year old dynamo named Sophia from a previous marriage.



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Without Limits Productions - with support from the New York Chapter of NALIP (National Association of Latino Independent Producer) is proud to announce the Bodies of Work Dramatic Writing Scholarship Fund for Young Latina(o) Writers (Ages 17-22).

The fund is to financially support writing ambitions of an underserved and often discouraged portion of our community. Funds will go towards Dramatic Writing education courses at local universities, and individual classes and seminars. Scholarships are earned thru talent and demonstrated need (talent being determined by writing samples to be evaluated by professionals in the field of screen, stage, and television writing.)

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Bodies of Work - NYC - TV's next great series

Thursday Oct 21st | TIMES SQUARE ARTS CENTER | Google Map Link
6:00 PM Cocktails
7:15 PM Screening
8:15 PM More Cocktails + Q & A with Cast

Saturday-Oct 23 | CAN DO FITNESS IN EDGEWATER, NJ | Google Map Link
4 PM Cocktails
5 PM Screening
6:00 Cocktails and Q & A


New York City- Oct 3, 2010

Indie TV Pilot makes Groundbreaking Move for Network/Cable Deal/Fan Base

In a groundbreaking promotional launch, BODIES OF WORK-NYC©, an independently produced spec TV pilot, will be screened for network and cable TV companies ( and select guests) at Times Square Arts Center in NYC on Thurs. Oct. 21st, and Can Do Fitness in Edgewater, NJ on Sat. Oct 23rd. The project, which won HBO’S LATINO PITCH COMPETITION, and is a 2010 Creative Screenwriting Television Competition Semi-Finalist, will broadcast via video stream ( Of Work-NYC).
Following the HBO competition in 2007, Series Creator Jorge C Perez developed the series, writing 6 one-hour episodes. While the Writer’s strike loomed, Without Limits Productions filmed BODIES… Perez cast some of NY City’s best and ethnically diverse talent (Eg. Mandell Butler, Rene Rosado, Mira Tzur) and filmed in 11 NYC and North Jersey locations. Perez (optioned screenwriter, produced NYC playwright) financed the script development process for the series, and shot the pilot in 16 days.

Kris Schoels, writer for, says:

“…expect hotties w/Bodies. You’ll also get interesting characters, thought provoking dialogue, and some standout acting. Bill Freda, as the ruthless, hard-to-predict Thomas Rotterdam- is perfectly cast. Mandell Butler portrays street tough-but-sweet Ahmad Taylor, and Rene Rosado, playing foot-in-mouth-charming Freddy Nova- are sure to be breakout stars. The look of this indie pilot (with a budget 1/20th the size of the typical TV show) is, at times, impressive. A sexier, funnier GREY'S ANATOMY. A smart cabler or network will grab BODIES… and let Perez entertain us for the next 5 years!”

Is anatomy destiny? If you change your body, do you change your life?
Thomas Rotterdam is an alpha dog doctor whose rule-breaking and lousy people skills cause his license to be revoked. He’s a genius with the body, recognizes that bodies tell stories. New York’s elite athletes and entertainers seek him out. He rebounds by opening BODIES OF WORK-NYC, the cutting-edge fitness church whose commandment is “Your body’s a temple. Attract worshippers.” It’s run by Neyda Farris, former U. N. worker who realizes only body and soul are universal. She spars with Thomas and juggles her buff, bizarre training staff. Some love their work. For others, Bodies is a pit-stop on the way to American Idol type dreams: At BOW-NYC:
- Anorexic/Bulimic Pilates Instructors teach women to love their bodies, but hate their own…
- Supermodels sweat to lose two pounds and ignore War Vets on prosthetic legs in rehab area...
- Mark Sanchez/Derek Jeter/ Jay Z-types (portraying themselves) work out among their fans & haters…

People tell personal trainers things they don’t share with their doctors, therapists, and spouses.
It’s intimate, and lines get crossed all the time…
Every Body Works Out their Drama…

In the fitness world you’ll find real and desperate housewives- people tightening up abdominal “situations”. There is an estimated 95 million regular gym goers in the U.S. Biggest losers, Wall Street winners, and everyone in between- form relationships with BODIES OF WORK-type Personal Trainers. BODIES OF WORK-NYC is a dramatized world that holds a sexy, funny- and sometimes unforgiving- mirror up to reality.

Starring: BILL FREDA, MANDELL BUTLER(NCIS:Los Angeles, Everybody’s Fine) RENE ROSADO-(513, NEW 90210), OSAS IGUADHERO(Cadillac Records), Featuring: FERNANDO LOPEZ(Frankie & Johnny) , JW CORTES(We Own the Night),ELIZABETH WILSON, MIRA TZUR(Fringe) Produced: Without Limits Prod. LD Sumner,Eddie Pagan. Co-Produced; Joselyn Mirabal, Jason Flores.


Series Creator: